Time to Take Your English Speaking  to the Next Level? 


Chemical Engineer

Mohammed improve my speaking ability so now I can speak with foriegn people who come to our company.



What You’ll Get in English Speaking Academy Course?

15 Lessons

You will get 15 lessons , each lesson is 60 minutes long.

Meeting Online

we will be meeting online by using specific application that is build for teachers which means you will no longer need to waste your time creating accounts in google , skype and zoom every time you want to get a lesson.

Ultimate Grammar Guide

Not only I will teach you grammar by showing you exactly your weaknesses but I will also give the best refrence for English grammar that you don't need any grammar book again.


My lessons are completely different because I do have an online whiteboard where I make the teaching process goes seamlessly.What that means is what I see, you see. So there is no need to either any of us to share our screen.

Ultimate Vocabulary Guide

You will get 60+ units of well explained vocabularies for the most common English Topics. All Vocabularies are descriped in pictures so that it is easier for you to remeber them.

Complete Reading / Pronunciation Course

I will show you exactly how to pronunce any English word even if you don't know it and also how to read seamlessly. I have created an incredbile course for that purpose.

Pricing Plan

English Speaking Academy

One Time Payment

  • 15 Lessons
  • Ultimate Grammar Guide
  • 60+ units of vocabulary 
  • Reading & Pronunciation Course
  • 60 minutes long for each lesson
  • Whiteboard & meeting online tool

About Mohammed

He is an English Teacher who has been working online for more than 6 years giving more than 1000 hours in total.

he has been teaching English to mostly people from all over the world.

he has featured in verbling , ItalkI and other platforms online.

he also teaches IELTS and help people to get their desired score.

Here is what other students said about my course.

Mayada Ahmad

Civil Engineer

I really needed to improve my speaking so that I can get many chances working where I live in canada. Mohammad's course showed me how to do it.

Shawn parker


Communication is significant skill where I work so I wanted to imrpove my English. Mohammed has helped me to accomplish this perfectly.

Paplo Sanders


English is very improtant language and with Mohammed I was able to learn it properly.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your English!