Let me show you Exactly how to get band 7+ in IELTS writing Today! Even If you Don’t know How to write in English. 

  • Proven step-by-step system to let you get a band 7+ In IELTS writing.

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Dear Friend,

If you’d like to get band 7+ in IELTS writing , this will be the most beneficial oral course you’ll ever see.

But First Read This disclaimer:

Please understand my results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll get a quick band 7+ in IELTS writing.

I’ve been teaching IELTS Since a long time ago and I have made hundreds of hundreds of students get their Desired Score.

With this in mind, I have developed a system that shows you exactly how to get a 7 or above in writing.

I also show you how to give the examiners exactly what they want and nothing else.

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results.   I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your English level, and effort you’re willing to do.

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE.

With that said … let me jump in and tell you if you’re in the right place or not.

You are in the right place if

  • You need IELTS for work or study and you are worried about writing.
  • You did the test before and got a low score in writing.

  • You get high marks in the speaking, listening and reading, but a low score for writing.
  • check
    You’ve looked at lots of books and websites and you are frustrated with the poor or conflicting advice.

So … let me also tell you Why did you fail to get YOUR desired Score or why do you think IELTS is a difficult test.

The Big problems

  • Not sure where to start or no plan of action. 

A goal without a plan is just a dream.Many of you talk about wanting to get a certain IELTS score but take no action to actually realize that YOU dream.If you want to lose weight, but do not exercise and eat junk food, what will happen?

  • No Way to get a teacher. 

Let me tell you a secret.The IELTS market is far bigger than the current crop of good teachers can cope with.There are 3 million test takers And very few good teachers.What do you think  is going to happen?

  • Not knowing what IELTS wants.

In order for this to be a secure and reliable test, they can tell you exactly what to do.However, this makes it very frustrating for you because you have no idea what they want. Native English speakers often have terrible passing IELTS.

  • No one to check you work or identify your problems. 

There are literally hundreds of things that you could be doing wrong.do you think it’s a good idea to try and fix your own writing?Or, even worse, ask other students to help you.

  • Unreliable or conflicting advice. 

There are thousands of ‘experts’ out there. Most of them know very little about teaching and even less about IELTS. IELTS is an easy way to make money. More than 95% of the material I see online is not up to standard.

The big myths

  • Follow a structure.
  • Use high level or complex vocabulary.
  • Complex grammar.
  • check
    Look at lots of band 9 essays

This is obviously not working.

If you do the same thing you’ve always done, what do you think will be the likely result?

Hope and luck are not coming to rescue you.

In order to get a different result, you need to do something different.

3 steps formula

  • Understand exactly what the examiners want.
  • Identify your weaknesses.
  • Given the examiners exactly what they want.

So … let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You're Getting

First of all, this isn't like any Course you've ever seen.

There's no fluff or filler - means you won’t get distracted or even get disappointed after using this course. 

I have the most comprehensible tactics that are proven right now.

And i’ll teach you how to use them so you can get even band 9.

It's also easy to understand.

And It's About MORE Than Just a Course.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Here You will learn how To Exactly Give The Examiners What They Want In Writing Task 2


I will teach you how to write an effective introduction , Main Body Paragraphs and Conclusions That will impress the examiner!


I will break down for you all IELTS task 2 question types in a very simple step-by-step way  you can easily follow and understand.


You will learn how to write Opinion Essays , Discussion EssaysProblems/Causes and Solutions , Advantages and Disadvantages and Double Questions.

IELTS Writing Task 1: Academic!

Impress The examiner with your Essay's outline you're about to learn Even If you got a Very Complicated Graph!


How to Analyse Graphs , Charts and Tables even if they’re so complicated.


How To write an Strong Introduction , Main body paragraphs , Conclusion and also learn the format I use to write these paragraphs.


You will learn how to write Line Graphs and Bar Charts , Pie Charts and Tables , Multiple Graphs and how to solve process and map questions.

IELTS Writing Task 1: General Training!

Make more Strong Letters and Understand The Tone Between "Formal" and "informal"


How to plan and generate ideas Quickly and save time By understanding the tone you should use and the marking criteria.


I will break down for you all IELTS task 2 question types in a very simple step-by-step way  you can easily follow and understand.


You will learn how to understand the informal , formal letters and also useful languages to use in both.

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Unlimited Feedback On Your Writing

You’ll get unlimited Feedback on any tasks you do with me. With this bonus you will never be worried about FEEDBACK on your work.

The Feedback will Boost your score Alone!

You’ll get The Ultimate guides of IELTS Reading & listening.

  • It Covers all Question Types in Reading 
  • It also covers all question types in Listening
  • Tips on how to get the most out of your Preparation.
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    Strategies to use on Each Question type.

PLUS: Much, Much More!

The Complete Guides For Everything you need in Grammar And Vocabulary.

  • Covers Over 45+ Units In Grammar.
  • Covers Over 60+ Units In Vocabulary.
  • Include Quizzes.
  • Practices For Each Vocabulary Unit.
  • The Most Comprehensible Guide In The World.
PLUS: Many More!

The Complete Speaking Package

  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    3 Speaking Lessons To Show You Exactly What to Do In The Speaking And To Help You Understand Each Task.
  • 2 (1 On 1) Real Speaking Tests.
  • The Ultimate Guide For Speaking.
  • how to prepare effectively Ebook.
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    600+ Words Confused Explained Ebook  To overcome The confusion you’d have when you want.
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    900+ Collocation in English Ebook To Boost Your Collocation Banks For the most common IELTS Topics. 

PLUS: Much, Much More!


What's The Difference Between My Course And Other Courses Online?

My Course 

  • I will help you 1 on 1 to do everything you need for a band 7+, face to face.
  • I will give you feedback on your work in every single class.
  • The Complete Speaking Package For free.
  • There are also other skills you should be aware of in IELTS ex (time managementself-confidence) you’ll learn how to overcome the stress you would have while doing the test.
  • The prices of my classes are very much affordable than prerecorded courses.
  • I will also solve your problems in general English (watch out my bonuses).
  • Unlimited Feedback on your Writing For Free.This alone will let you get band 7 in writing.

Other Courses

  • They prerecorded videos for you so they can earn more money.
  • You actually have limited feedback.
  • You will also pay $300 for this only.
  • They literally don’t care.
  • You will most likely pay $500 at least to join the course.
  • This is not included.
  • They charge you at least $25 for a quality feedback.

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  • 12 lessons
  • 4 Corrections On Your Writing Essays
  • 4 Mocks Speaking Tests
  • Bonus : The Complete Guides For Listening & Reading
  • Bonus : Resources and eBooks

What Other Students Say?


thank you so much.. I just got my score and finally got 7 in writing. Your classes really worked:) thank you so much.. You're a great teacher!


OMG! I really can't believe that I scored 7 in IELTS writing, I never thought that I would score this in a very short time, your incredible teacher JEEN, now I can travel to Canada and complete my studies. Thanks a lot!


gorgeous tutor! Take lessons to achieve your goals as I received my score today and get band 7.5 overall, I am so excited thank you so much Jeen.


1 of the best teachers in the ward, I got my score today and achieve band 8 over all. I really recommend him to anyone.Even though I literally had no idea about IELTS Writing ,He showed me exactly solve everything. I highly appreciate your help Bro.


he is awesome! He has excellent teaching skills. He is very friendly and knows how to correct my mistakes.he showed me exactly how I can solve my mistakes in IELTS writing task 2. I got band 7 In IELTS. Thank you so much JEEN.


highly recommend Jeen as an English teacher! I have been improving my English with his help for the past year, and we went through many topics and aspects of the English language. He is a very knowledgeable person and deeply interested in the word. As a teacher he can follow my needs in a very natural way.I never like to work with the grammar,but he deeply understands grammar and can easily explain it to me in a way that i can understand.I never met another teacher like him.I highly recommend JEEN.

Few Questions?

Q. Do you offer A Trial Lesson ?

Q. How Much Time in 1 lesson ?

Q. Is the feedback you provide really means unlimited?

Q. What about the 1 on 1 real  mock speaking test?

Q: how will I get the bonuses?

Q. When can I start learning ?

Q: Do you think it will really work?

Q: I need help with reading and listening, do you provide that?

Q: What is the software you use to give the lessons at?

Q: The price is in US dollars, can I pay in my local currency?

Q: I have another question, How Can I ask You?