I help people Improve their English!

I've been helping people learn English for about 6 years and recently I started to help people more on getting their desired IELTS score

About Me.

I am an English Teacher who has been working online for more than 6 years giving more than 1000 hours in total.

I have been teaching English to mostly people from all over the world.

I am featured in verbling , ItalkI and other platforms online.

I also teach IELTS and help people get their desired score.

They Say



Mohammed helped me to get my score in IELTS which is 7.5 after failing the test 3 times.


Product Manager

I needed IELTS so that I can move abroad and get my dream job with my husband. with Mohammed's Help I was able to get the score I needed :)

I would like to hear what matters to you

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